“A Gothic Tale of Gluttony” is Margherita Arco‘s MFA pre-thesis project in the graduate film program at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Margherita loves absurdity and contradictions found in every corner of our society and uses the medium of film to express this through storytelling. This piece will act as a resume piece that Margherita will submit to film festivals and use as a launching pad for her directing career.

“A Gothic Tale of Gluttony” has the support of NYU’s faculty, which includes award-winning filmmakers such as John Tintori (Eight Men Out, True Love), Todd Solondz (Happiness, Storytelling), Spike Lee (Do the Right Thing, Inside Man) and Mary Harron (American Psycho, I shot Andy Warhol). In addition, this production is made possible by the support and services of NYU including production insurance, post-production facilities and a few crew members.

In addition to that, Count Arco, also a fan of the absurd, decided to lend his medial fortress, Vysoky Chlumec, for the period of the shoot after he read the script.

As we will be shooting abroad and despite this support, additional funds are necessary to meet the budget needs. In order to realize this project, we need to rent equipment, hire crew and be responsible for the transportation and lodging of the crew and cast. We would like to ask you to support the budding career of a young, female filmmaker.


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