After some great and intense days in which we wavered between complete self control and total anarchy with three gorgeous teams from New York, the Czech Republic and Moos and very nice fellow actors from Germany we ended up in the most obscure bar of the whole country drinking vodka shots and trying to find out how to use the jukebox. The next day most of the people left. Micky and I went to Berlin by car. After some very intense arguments with the GPS, which was constantly trying to find “new ways”, we passed bye Prague. Of course we were hungry! We found a parking space and a restaurant. We ordered. And between the moment the waiter brought us the food and the moment we finally got out of the restaurant we where attacked by hysterical laughing because what I got was exactly what I had ordered: ½ crispy duck. I didn’t even manage to eat half of it. Mainly, because I couldn’t stop laughing.

Thanks to everybody!!!