On Sunday, Laura, Anna, Ronny and Joy restored the interiors of the fortress and cleaned up while Zuzana and I worked on the budget.  The castle is back in its impeccable shape and one can hardly believe that a crew of 16 people, 8 actors, 2 extras and tons of equipment held down the fort for 6 days.

Ronny, Laura, Zuzana, Petr (set name: “grip Petr”) and I returned the equipment to ARRI in Prague. Stan and Honsa came with us to help, which made the process much faster. This time around, Stan drove the sprinter. (At pick up, I drove it. Yikes!)

First, we went to return the camera close to Barrandov Studios and then the lights at ARRI’s second location. Here we had a coffee with Mirek Obrman, who is director of ARRI Rental Prague.

This morning, Ronny left for New York, Laura leaves tomorrow.  And the fortress is restored to it’s peaceful slumber while the only proof that “A Gothic Tale of Gluttony” every happened is captured on film, on photos and in our memories.