Today, we shot the scenes in the larder and then in the freezer…and wrapped all the actors: Andreas Berg, Benjamin Stoll, Micky La Rosee, Johanna von Gagern, Peter Lobkowicz, Julia Thurnau, Faye Angelina Amaris Adell and Peter Kollmann. I had a phenomenal cast and really enjoyed working with them! It will feel very empty without them.

Laura Moss, Anna Arco and Michal Krejci did a fantastic job to dress a “white box” warehouse space into a busy larder. It had no heating and it is winter time in the Czech Republic. The actors were all troopers with brave faces against the cold, wearing only silk evening dresses and black ties… and gorging themselves with food over and over again until they got locked in the freezer. Impressive!

And then finally, we shot Faye serenading them with the harp to their last breath.