Happy Thanksgiving to our American crew members–Laura, Ram and Juan. Sadly the feast we were following all morning was not that edible nor did it involve a turkey.  And also those who could eat, were not. After learning all that interesting stuff about crossing the line, I found that the morning seemed to drag on for ages. The work we were doing was so detailed and minute that it required greater, more patient minds than mine to cope with them.

That said, working on this set has taught me some interesting things about the way we understand perspective. On the close up shots, I learned about “cheating” where you gently mess with the perspective so as to create a fake perspective from where you are shooting, in some cases to create distance, in others, simply to create a better frame. I’m not just learning some awesome new jargon, but I also feel like I’m learning a lot about people management (and in a non-jargony way– I haven’t heard one mention of blu-sky thinking or synergy so we’re doing well). In their different ways, Margherita, Ram, Laura and Ronny are really brilliant in the way they move people around, get actors, grips, gaffers, and me to do what it takes and then some. (Yes, breathless, I know, but there we are. It’s true).

A big shout out by the way to Tereza Bajerova, our amazing production assistant, who has shown a stamina and patience well beyond her years, faced with a bunch of very stressed out cast and crew members snapping her. Kudos and much time off Purgatory, I think.

So to fill you in, we did a whole series of close ups, conversations and other dining room scenes, till we were all heartily sick of the place.

It came as a great relief to go down to the larder and cold store off-site late this afternoon which we had prepared in advance–despite the chaos of “company move”, we got there in the end and were filming enveloped in winter darkness.

Margherita, Ronnie, Focus Petr (we have six Peters on set, Boom Petr, Sound Petr, Focus Petr, Grip Petr, Tall Peter and Shorter Peter) and Juan came to check out the larder to see if we could still film this evening. Thankfully we were able to do three or four shots in the larder. This is the point in the film where the actors get down and dirty with the food they had hithertoo ignored. Esmeralde (Micky La Rosee) burst into the larder to find her friends Priscilla (Julia Thurnau) and Hieronymus (Andreas Berg) stuffing their faces on the feast that they had refused in the dining room. First she gives an embarrassed stare and then tucks in herself.

Here are some memorable (and not so memorable) shots from the day:

Mr Fix-It Michal irons the table cloth pre-shoot.

This is Robin Glaister, Joy’s husband, taste testing the ham to make sure it’s ok for the actors (oh and cutting it for them too).

Right. Bedtime. We’ll be out in the cold all day tomorrow.

Good night, and good luck. (for us)